Erciş Chamber of Commerce and Industry Erciş Chamber of Commerce and Industry, under the leadership of A.Baki DEMİR, started its service by making the first professional committee elections in 1969 as a result of the intense and determined initiative of a group of merchants. Our room, which started to serve in very difficult conditions with 2 staff in the first years of rental single-room service building, showed a rapid development and in 2007, with the support of the TOB. Union, it provides better opportunities to its members in the new and modern service building.

Chamber Professional Committee

It consists of members elected by professional groups for four years. Substitute members as well as permanent members are elected. We have a total of seven professional committees, four of which are seven and three are five. The committees have elected a chairman and a vice chairman for four years from among their members.

Chamber Assembly

It consists of members to be elected by professional groups for four years. We have a total of eighteen council members, two from three professional committees and three from four professional committees. In addition, the same number of substitute members were elected. Our Chamber Council continues its services by electing a president, two vice-chairmen and a clerk member from among its members in 2018 as a result of the last organ elections held within this framework.

Chamber Board

It consists of five people elected from among the councilors for four years. It consists of a Chairman of the Board of Directors, two Vice-Chairmen of the Board of Directors, a Treasurer member and a Board member.

Our Mission

It is a chamber that fulfills the powers and responsibilities given by the founding law numbered 5170 to improve the business and commercial life of its members. Thus, it contributes to the economic and social life of Erciş district.

Our Vision

In line with its mission, to become an exemplary chamber that completes its institutionalization and improves the tourism potential of Erciş district, especially in the next 5 years thanks to the TOBB Accreditation System.

Our Corporate Values

Transparency and dignity Member and development oriented Dynamic and innovation Honesty and reliability

Financial Policy

It is a room that realizes its financial situation in accordance with the rules of balanced budget and risk management, ensures the continuity of the business life of the members, is employment-oriented, contributes to the social and cultural life of Erciş.

Our Human Resources Policy

Our staff and managers; We will provide better service to our members by continuously developing with a working understanding focused on merit, performance and satisfaction. Our Communication and Communication Policy We will add value to our environment by sharing “correct and useful” information with our members and the public by using the communication and communication facilities provided by the modern world.

Our Information and Communication Technologies Policy

To provide safe and fast service by using the innovations provided by technology within its possibilities to increase member satisfaction. It is our information and communication technologies policy to protect existing information within the framework of information security and confidentiality.

Quality, Complaint Management and Accreditation Policy

Guided by the TOBB Accreditation System, ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 10002 Complaint Management Systems, we will continuously improve our corporate service understanding, and we will provide added value to our members and our district by conducting activities in line with the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders.

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