ERCİŞ is the largest and most developed district of the region, stretching to the northern shore of Lake Van. This beautiful town, which has an old and deep-rooted historical past, is also a cultural center for its surroundings. Its land containing wide plains is very productive. Its people are hardworking and cultured. The breakthroughs for the industry are high. In this regard, in Erciş, developments that are too important to compare with other districts stand out.

This district, which is very rich in terms of water, is covered with streams, streams, rivers, plateaus and wide plains. In addition to agriculture and animal husbandry, poplar growing is also carried out on a large scale. Poplar production provides an important income for the district. Almost all types of soil products are made. In addition to extensive and modern gardening, vegetable and fruit production feeds the surrounding provinces and districts and is also shipped to other regions. The existence of most of the public institutions and organizations and the Economic Deflet Organizations, as well as the Heavy Penal Organization, Police Department. And the presence of Alay brings vitality to the town. In terms of development, the people’s emphasis on innovation and modernization has given the district a modern appearance. The district, which solves its important problems such as infrastructure, electricity and water, is a hundred kilometers away from the province of Van, where it is affiliated, but it has little connection with the province except for official works.

Van, Bitlis and Ağrı provinces and many districts are located at the transit road junction, making it an important shopping center. Transportation with its surroundings, the center and villages is no longer a problem. There are many companies that carry out passenger and transportation services in Turkey and abroad with the latest model vehicles. Transportation is provided to all towns, towns, villages and hamlets in all seasons. Electricity, water, road and telephone needs were met for all village hamlets. The villager is freed from primacy and lives a modern and beautiful life. immigration to the city was prevented. Its people are generally rich. The poor are under the protection of the people and the social assistance and solidarity foundation. Health problems have also been partially resolved. Many doctors and healthcare professionals serve in the district. There is little or no educational problem. There are almost no villages and hamlets without schools. One of the largest and most advanced form of Ercis province is between the districts of East and Southeast Anatolia We believe that Turkey is among the few provinces


Erciş district has a better geographical location compared to other provinces and districts in the region with an area of ​​2115 km2. It does not have a great cold and scorching heat. This moderate weather can be regarded as an advantage both in terms of soil products and the work of the public. Compared to the surrounding districts, Erciş can be considered lucky. The fact that the southern coasts are surrounded by hills and stretched by Lake Van has given Erciş a geographical feature. The fact that the land, which is located in wide plains, is abundantly wetland, the presence of many streams and streams, and the fact that it is established on the coast also had a positive effect on its geography. Van, Agri, Erzurum, Mus, Bitlis province of Turkey and such – is not conducive to large commercial center of the district reside in the central transit route to Iran. In addition to underground and aboveground wealth, land distribution is also a useful situation.


Another feature of the region is that it is mountainous. When the land is examined in Erciş, many mountains stand out. Due to the presence of some volcanic mountains, many hills and elevations are seen. But there is no mountain range close to the district that can be seen from the district center. The eastern and northern parts are surrounded by hills. The available mountains and hills are as follows. Azizen Mountains 3304 m., Köseveli Mountain 2613 m., Miladi Reji Mountain 2611 m., Zırnakol Hill 1889 m., Ziyaret Hill 2642 m. In addition, the extensions of Aladağ Esrik and Tendürek mountains and the hills of Grekol, Madavant and Kızılkaya surround the town.


Plains and plateaus take a large place in the district. These plains are also of great importance. This type of land is in great need for those dealing with agriculture and animal husbandry. These shapes contain approximately 22% of our land. The main ones are Meydan Plain, Pay Plain, Devzer Plain, Grass Village Plain, Meydan Ok Plateaus.


The river is abundant in Erciş. Almost all of these waters flow into Lake Van. These waters are used to the maximum extent. These waters overflow in the spring months and sometimes damage the plain. For this purpose, these dangers were prevented by building various channels and a large dam. In these waters, pearl mullet is caught in April and May, and carp type fish are also caught in winter. The biggest source of the district is Zilan Stream. This stream passes through the Zeylan Stream in the north of the district and flows into Lake Van. This stream is fed by the waters coming from Aladağ and Hacı Dere Creek. Koç Köprü Dam established on this water will change the destiny of the district. There are waters such as Deli Tea, Hargomi Stream, İncesu, İrşat Stream, Örene Stream, Hot Stream and Amos Stream. Each other’s arm

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